Survival Ebooks

Complete Guide to Canning
Prepare for soaring food costs, and economic collapse by storing food now! Homecanned foods are inexpensive, and require no refrigeration, or chemical preservatives, making them perfect for a survival food-bank. This valuable guide takes you step-by-step through both the boiling water, and pressure canning processes, teaching you everything you need to know in order to build a stockpile of preserved meats, vegetables and fruits to weather the hard financial times ahead.


Successful Container Gardening
With the threat of hyper-inflation, and food prices going through the roof, providing your own food isn’t just good way to save money -  it could be absolutely essential for your survival and sustainability.  Unfortunately, not everybody lives in a rural area, with a large amount of arable land at their disposal, but  you can still grow a variety of staple crops in various containers on your porch, balcony, or around the foundation of your house.


How to Build Survival Shelters
Exposure to the elements is one of your biggest threats when surviving in the wild. Along with food and water, shelter is absolutely essential in ensuring your safety. This guide teaches you how to build improvised shelters out of natural materials in a variety of environments.



How to Build a Solar Oven
In any survival situation, it's absolutely imperative to make the most out of all your natural resources. This book shows you how to build a solar oven out of common materials that's lightweight and easy to transport. Perfect for cooking food in a disaster situation, when conventional methods are no longer available, or for use out in the wild.


Homeschooling Your Child
The government-run public school system qualifies as  a disaster in its own right. While increased government involvement with the “No Child Left Behind” program promised to improve our public schools, it has actually lowered educational standards, making the system worse than it was before!   This is because the government agenda is geared more towards  producing compliant workers than intelligent, free-thinking Americans.  As a result, more and more people are choosing to educate their kids at home to prevent them from falling victim to the deliberate “dumbing down”  of America.


Venomous Snakes of the United States
Being bitten by a venomous snake in the U.S. is not as likely a danger as most people think. However; it can be a serious threat if you’re in a survival situation, where medical attention is unavailable. This book serves as a field guide that teaches you how to identify dangerous snakes and their habitats, the effects of their venom, and how to avoid being bitten.



Plus... Get Six In-Depth Bonus Reports

How to Make a Bug-Out Bag
What are you going to do if you're faced with a crisis that forces you to leave your home in a hurry?  Scramble around trying to grab up everything you think you're going to need?  When your brain is in "fight or flight" mode, it's impossible to remember everything, and you don't want to find out at a crucial moment that you left a vital piece of gear behind.  The 72-Hour Bag is an indispensable  element  of preparedness that every survivalist should have on hand.  This report will show you everything you need to pack and have ready to go at a moment's notice.


Staying Hydrated In The Wild
Dehydration can kill you in as little as three days. This informative guide gives you tips on how to avoid excessive dehydration in a survival situation. It also outlines common and unconventional methods of procuring drinking water in the wild.



Primitive Survival Hunting
The movies make survival hunting look easy, but would you really know what to do to procure food if you were stuck in the wilderness without any traditional hunting weapons?  This report explains three primitive hunting tools that our ancient ancesters used to use.


How to Make a Disaster First Aid Kit
Providing first aid in a disaster situation is requires a larger, more specific spectrum of medical supplies and tools that are not found in your average commercial first aid kit. This book lists all the crucial elements that go into a comprehensive kit that will equip you to handle just about any disaster situation.


How to Field-Dress Small Game
Small game animals are an important source of survival food, but what do you do with that rabbit or squirrel after you've shot/snared it?  This guide will teach you how to safely skin and dress (gut)  your critter in the field before cooking it.



How to Build a Survival Food Bank
This helpful guide shows you how to stock up for survival. It details all the essential elements that go into building a well-planned food bank that will help you and your family get through the coming wave of hyper-inflation, and possible economic meltdown.


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